Price: the cost of the course consisting of 3 lessons is 350 €

Price: the cost of the course consisting of 2 lessons is 250 €

Surface treatments, layering, dripping glazes and crawling glazes for porcelain

In the last years many ceramists have created their works breaking the rules of the ceramic tradition that impose to make utility pots with glossy and uniform glazes. They have gone in the opposite direction: cracks, exfoliations, drippings of the glazes, traditionally unwanted in the firing, have become desired and appreciated effects to highlight a piece and to use as refined decorations.


  • How to create materic effects and cracks on soft porcelain
  • How to make layering techniques
  • How to stain a porcelain clay body
  • How to make exfoliant and crawling glazes 

Budget for tools and materials you will need to get started: 150 € approx.

Level: advanced, basic hand building and glazing skills required.