Price: the cost of the course consisting of 3 lessons is 350 €

Price: the cost of the course consisting of 2 lessons is 250 €

Porcelain necklaces and assembling creative techniques

A porcelain necklace made without a project jumps out at first glance, even without wearing it. The elements that compose it appear messy, they turn on themselves and they don’t hang well. The assembly holes are visible and the assembly materials don’t match the porcelain elements. In order to avoid these mistakes, it is important to learn how to make a design project to have clear in mind the final shape and the tips to hide the assembly holes.


  • How to make a project design of a necklace
  • How to choose the materials for assembling
  • How to hide the link points between the porcelain elements
  • Various techniques to make elements 
  • Bisque and high temperature firing
  • Creative assembly techniques

Budget for tools and materials you will need to get started:150 € approx.

Level: advanced, basic porcelain hand building skills required.