Luca Tripaldi

I am an artist from Turin, Italy. My passion for plastic arts led me at first to work as a sculptor in the theatrical production field for some of the most prestigious Italian opera houses, such as “La Scala di Milano” and “l’Arena di Verona”, creating special prosthetic effects and masks. Later on, when my interest moved to ceramic, I experimented different firing techniques at low and high temperature. After a few years, I began to focus solely on high temperature and porcelain processing techniques; porcelain is the clay I use in my sculptures, decorative objects and jewelry production. Although it remains my favorite expressive material, in recent years I have become passionate about resins and brass, which I love to combine or integrate into porcelain creations. I have always carried out an intense teaching activity, in my own workshops as well as a guest teacher, both in Italy and abroad. I never get tired of experimenting and I dedicate particular attention to the pedagogical innovation, with the aim of making learning easier for my students. I have developed a personal online format in which I strongly believe, because it allows students to quickly achieve a remarkable level of autonomy. Although students follow the lessons from home, it is as if they were in my workshop, sitting in the first row enjoying a privileged point of view on the details of the techniques that I am showing them.