Price: the cost of the course consisting of 3 lessons is 350 €

Price: the cost of the course consisting of 2 lessons is 250 €

Porcelain jewellery: chains, rings, beads and textures

Porcelain is a high temperature clay with unique characteristics, the most peculiar is the translucent marble-like white. Its ductility, similar to a metal, allows to reach very thin thicknesses. These properties make it the ideal clay for making jewels. The techniques and tips learned to make jewelry can also be applied to create larger shapes and sculptures.


  • How to set up a work area
  • How to choose a porcelain to work with 
  • How to prepare white and stained porcelain slip
  • How to prepare a soft stained porcelain
  • How to make a porcelain chain: flat links and extruded links 
  • How to make porcelain rings, how to control their size
  • How to make pendants and earrings
  • How to make hollow beads
  • Textures
  • Bisque firing
  • How to glaze the elements
  • High firing
  • Finishing of the surfaces after the high temperature firing

Budget for tools and materials you will need to get started: 120 € approx.

Level: for all.