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Online courses: our offer  

Our online courses are a great alternative to those on-site as they keep the same content, adapted to the digital context. This is why we consider them to be even more effective than traditional ones, so that even the most skeptical people will have to change their mind. 

Why choose our online courses:

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– participants can watch the demonstrations closely and observe the teacher’s gestures in detail: the shots are extremely close and taken from the best possible angles;

– the selection of the frames, which take only the gesture under study, avoiding distractions;

– the depth of the program: you can be part of all the middle phases and see with your own eyes the final result of the work that requires hours or days of commitment. It gives you the opportunity to ask questions about all the phases of the work;

– you will receive a detailed list of each material and tools used during the course;

– you will receive a detailed summary sheet of the course, including the description of all the steps and procedures shown during the video and explanatory photos from the videos. 

All the material can be consulted at any time and free you from taking notes during class so that you can focus entirely on the video. 

These are individual lessons rather than group lessons as those held in Italian and French. 

Our applicants for English courses reside in different countries, so this makes it difficult to set up a time that would work for everyone.

The first two lessons are theoretical: the student watches the demonstrations and listens to the explanations without working. In the third lesson, the student shows the results of the exercises assigned by the teacher, who corrects him/her and clarifies any doubts.

It is forbidden to record the lessons, as they are protected by copyright and privacy.

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Lesson 1: Tutorial Class (about 2/3 hours)

In the first lesson, called Tutorial Class, we list and explain all the techniques, using both theory and practical demonstration. After the payment of the course, you will receive the list of materials used by email.

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For the more specific ones, you will be provided a link to purchase them from the UK. Links can be used as reference to look for the same material in your own country.  

In the same email there will be PDF summary sheets of the techniques shown ready to be printed and used during the lessons. For the Tutorial Class, we would recommend you not to purchase any material or equipment as you do not work with the teacher and you can follow this Class from whenever it suits you. You only have to watch the demonstrations, listen to the explanations, check the notes and ask all the questions you might have. 

At the end of the Class you will be able to buy the materials listed with more confidence to get the right ones.  The duration of the first lesson is between 2 and 3 hours. The questions asked must be exclusively on the topics covered in the course purchased, no answer will be given to questions that are not relevant. These are not personalized tutoring lessons. No changes will be made to the program of the course purchased and in case of misunderstanding or violation of this clause by the student, no refund, even partial, will be due. Please also note that the student can ask questions and receive answers about the topics covered in the course, the materials listed in the list received and the summary sheets of the course only during the lesson time. Please do not contact the teacher outside Class. 

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Lesson 2: Reminder Class (2 hours)

The second lesson of the Reminder Class is recommended to be done after 10-15 days. It is not compulsory, if you think it’s not useful for you, you can book the option consisting of two lessons (Tutorial Class + Making Class). This lesson is a review, please remember that lessons cannot be recorded. The most important moments of each demonstration shown during the Tutorial Class are repeated and some in-depth information is provided.

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You will receive answers to all your doubts and questions after the first lesson. In this lesson you still do not need any material or equipment and you do not work with the teacher, so this lesson can be followed from whenever it suits you. Those who have already started experimenting and already have the materials can take the opportunity to ask questions about the purchases made and any problems encountered. You will also be given exercises to show, in addition to your personal work, during the last lesson. The duration of the second lesson is up to 2 hours, Duration might vary due to the topics that need to be clarified and analyzed more in depth. Please note that no answer will be given by email.

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Lesson 3: Making Class (1 hour)

To finish the course, you will have to take the Making Class within 2 months from the first Tutorial Class. Here you will be able to show the teacher the results of the assigned exercises, your personal work done with the techniques learned, clarify your doubts and show the work procedures to get teacher’s feedback.

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This lesson should be followed in a place equipped to work.

The course ends with this lesson, please note that no answer will be given by email during and after the course.

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On what days and times can lessons be taken?

Lessons can be taken from Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. (Rome time zone). Please note that lessons cannot start at 9pm, but must end by 9pm (Rome time zone). Before sending the application, in which you must indicate the dates and times you wish to attend each of the 3 lessons, please check that your time zone allows you to attend the lessons within the times indicated.

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It is not possible to do the lessons during the weekend or outside the indicated times.

Every effort will be made to give you the possibility to follow the lessons on the dates and times requested, but it is advisable to indicate more options, as the dates or times requested may not be available because they have already been booked. The dates and times agreed upon at the time of registration cannot be changed, therefore the registration fee is not refundable, not even partially if you cannot attend the lessons. If you connect after the agreed time, lost minutes cannot be made up.

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Requirements to participate

– A stable Internet connection.

– A desktop or laptop computer with a working camera and microphone.

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Tablets and smartphones cannot be used as the platform used for the course does not allow the correct viewing of the videos on these devices. An external, adjustable webcam is recommended during the Making Class as the teacher must be able to clearly see the student’s work table and gestures, so that any procedural errors can be corrected. Alternatively, you can use your smartphone or tablet, but only during the Making Class.

– The computer application Zoom can be downloaded for free. It is a videoconferencing platform used for streaming lessons. Once the program is installed, to access and start the lesson simply click on the invitation link provided by the teacher via email.

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Enrolment methods

Send your registration request exclusively by email to the following e-mail address: info@lucatripaldi.com and make sure to include the following data:

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– name, surname, country from which you will follow the course;

– course you wish to attend;

– three proposed dates and times, from which you can choose, in which you are available to make the connection test on Zoom (the time to indicate is the one with the time zone of Rome)

– the dates and times in which you want to follow each lesson (Tutorial Class, Reminder Class, Making Class) to be taken within 2 months (the time to be indicated is the one with the Rome time zone).

You will then receive an email confirming availability, containing the proposed day and time chosen (Rome time zone), for the test appointment via Zoom, in order to verify the quality of the connection and the level of spoken English, which must allow the student to understand the teacher and the teacher to understand the student.

The test connection will take no more than 5 minutes. The invitation link will be in the email received. Afterwards you will receive a second email with the enrolment form, to be returned by email only in pdf format, completed and signed, and the receipt of the course payment, which can only be made by bank transfer and must be completed at least 7 days before the date of the first lesson. You will receive the invoice for the payment and the didactic material as soon as the payment has been made.

The data required for the invoice, in addition to being indicated on the registration form, must also be reported in the email you will send. The data provided will be processed and protected in accordance with Regulation EU no. 2016/679 and national personal data protection regulation, for this purpose a copy of the privacy policy will be sent to be read, approved and returned once you have signed it. Since the course is purchased in Italy, you will receive an Italian invoice issued in the name of the participant whose you must provide the following personal details: 

– name and surname

– address, city, country

– date of birth and place of birth (city and country)

Only personal account allowed, VAT is non charged.

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It is not allowed to record lessons, even for personal use, as well as their diffusion and sharing through any digital and analog media. The diffusion and reproduction, even partial, of the summary cards provided is forbidden.

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Transgressors will be prosecuted for copyright infringement. The teacher reserves the right to interrupt the lesson at any time, in case the student does not respect the rules, without having to refund the registration fee, even partially.

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