Price: the cost of the course consisting of 3 lessons is 350 €

Price: the cost of the course consisting of 2 lessons is 250 €

Silicones and epoxy resins – basic techniques 

Some people are reluctant to use synthetic materials as silicone, rubber and resin. This prejudice leads to neglect the infinite expressive possibilities that these materials offer to create jewelry or sculptures. They do not require firing, they do not require investment in special equipment, their cost is more than affordable. They are unbreakable materials and if properly coloured and treated can imitate stone, porcelain, metal or glass. Resin elements can also be integrated with other materials to make jewelry or sculptures.


  • How to set up a work area
  • Different types of silicones and their use
  • How to make a silicon mould in one part
  • How to make a silicon mould in two parts
  • Epoxy resins
  • How to cast the resin
  • Resin colourants: liquid, paste and powder
  • How to make different kinds of resin rings 
  • How to make and shape a resin sheet
  • How to insert a print in the resin
  • How to saw the resin
  • How to polish the resin

Budget for tools and materials you will need to get started:150 € approx.

Level: for all.