Price: the cost of the course consisting of 3 lessons is 350 €

Metalsmithing advanced techniques to make brass and silver jewellery 

In shops and e-shops it’s difficult to find a variety of good quality claps, jumperings, chains, metal rings, etc… to assembly the porcelain elements, stones and beads, for this reason learn the basic metalsmithing techniques allows you to express your creativity and make unique your jewellery.


  • How to create a broach setting
  • How to make a broach pin
  • How to create artistic brass knob for lids
  • How to create cage structures
  • How to make an earring setting

Budget for tools and materials you will need to get started: none, the materials are the same purchased for the basic techniques course.

Level: you can take this course once you’ve attended “Metalsmithing basic techniques to make brass and silver jewellery”.